The Moldovan Soundtrack Orchestra


The Moldovan Soundtrack Orchestra (MSO) is an experienced recording orchestra and classical choir providing soundtrack recordings for the film, television and advertising industries.

From a full orchestra of 80 musicians to smaller sounds of 15 musicians, as well as the choir that can be from 20 to 60 singers, MSO is uniquely placed to offer film and TV producers a range of high quality recording and orchestration options at competitive prices.

Based in Chișinău, Moldova, MSO draws on the services of Moldova’s internationally renowned National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and National Philharmonic Chapel Choir. Both Orchestra and Choir have extensive international concert, touring and recording experience.

In addition to the services of present members of both the Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, MSO collaborates with alumni of both who are now based around the world, as well as musicians from other genres: jazz, folk, rock and pop.

Recordings take place at the main Philharmonic Hall in Chișinău and at other professional recording facilities elsewhere in the city.

MSO was founded and is managed by Mihail Agafița the Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Moldova.