Orchestra and the Choir


The National Philharmonic Orchestra

The National Philharmonic Orchestra of Moldova currently consists of 80 talented musicians.

Originally formed in 1930 by Alexander Klimov and Pavel Bacinin, several conductors have since made the orchestra successful and world renowned. Timofei Gurtovoi was the chief conductor with the longest period of employment (1953-1979), followed by Dumitru Goia (1979-1994). Since 2004, one of the most talented conductors of his generation, Mihail Agafița, is the resident principal conductor.

Now the Orchestra is the major cultural and artistic representative of Moldova, being one of the most prestigious musical groups of the region.

With an intensive concert schedule every year, the Orchestra performs live concerts both in Moldova and abroad extensively.

Through meticulous attention to detail, dedication and love of all music genres are the key elements that ensure we achieve a superlative accuracy of interpretation, being admired by music connoisseurs and critics alike.




The National Philharmonic Choir

The National Philharmonic Choir of Moldova was also established in 1930. Its founder and first conductor was C. Pigrov.

The Academic Choral Chapel “Doina” is one of the most representative choral groups in Moldova, comprising 70 highly professional artists, including soloists.

Included in CCA’s repertoire are the most prized secular and sacred choral works, vocal-symphonic works and choral interpretations of folk songs.

The spectrum of possible works is rich and varied, ranging from monumental productions, such as extensive oratorio, cantata, symphony, etc., to the choral miniature, from pre-classicism to the present, from the national folk choral music to classical.

Since February 2013 the prime artistic director and conductor of the Academic Choral Chapel “Doina” is Ilona Stepan.


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